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Meet the team

Holly Williams

Having spent 15 years working in the beauty industry, I have always had a keen interest in looking after people and helping them to feel good about themselves.​ This led to a particular passion in providing pedicures and helping people feel good about their feet, which are sadly often neglected because of the unnecessary stigma or embarrassment attached.


In 2017, I enrolled at The Smae Institute in Maidenhead and acquired my Diploma in foot health. This has provided me with the skills to offer the perfect combination of both medical and cosmetic foot care.

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Jane Yorke

BN Hons, DipFH

I completed my Foot Health Diploma in 2023 having worked for the last 17 years as a staff nurse in the NHS.

I still work part time in 2 local community hospitals keeping my nursing skills up to date in between providing foot health care to my patients.

When not working, I have a busy life living on a rural small holding and taking turns entertaining three lovely grand daughters.

Amber Yorke

As the newest member of the team, I have come to foot care from a background in architecture, so I recognise the importance of having good foundations (feet!) to support the structure above (rest of the body!)

As an avid runner, I also understand how vital it is for feet to function well and feel comfortable, so I have channelled that personal passion into a new career path which will allow me to support others in maintaining happy, healthy feet.

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